Friday, March 22, 2013

Draw Something!

So there is this app game called Draw Something that I sometimes go on and draw stuff for people. I like it because I can play with other people, and get the proudness when people get my drawings right.

So I thought I would give you some eexamples of what I've drawn the past 6 months.

Warning! I know some of them are plain horrible, but I can't really take anything seriously...

First Serious Business.  These I actually like, and am proud of.

This one is really beautiful in my opinion. One of my best moments.

Also this one. 

And continuing the princess theme:

Maybe Romeo and Juliet aren't prince/ss themed, but it looks almost like.

 Then there are the horrible ones I don't try so hard on.
The vomit looks exciting though... Only time I will ever say that.

But you have to give me credit for this one... I tried to draw Pikachu.

 Then there are those that are drawn okay, but doesn't match the word...

This one is supposed to be all about doors, but lion

I had the llama song in my head, don't judge me.

This one is about prom, but again llama. 

Then some random ones.

Vampire bed it says in Swedish. 

You can really see how much she hates not being human.

I tried.

Don't tell me Stitch don't belong there... He is ohana.

Ekorre = Squirrel.
 Results from too much AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire

 And then for some reason I like drawing birds.

Ostrich. It is pretty.

Don't tell me you haven't watched that show...

I will just leave this one here...

So ther you have my drawings!!! If you need another player to game with, you can contact me somehow, and I can make it happen!

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